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Cypher16 begin recording second album in Gothenburg, Sweden

Cypher16 are pleased to announce the commencement of the follow-up to debut album, 'The Great Surveyor'. Approximately half the tracks for the second, as yet untitled album have now been recorded, with the remaining songs being tracked later in 2018. This time around the band are working with producer Jakob Hermann at Top Floor Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden. Jakob has worked with bands such as Amaranthe, Machine Head, Anthrax and Body Count, to name but a few. The album will be mixed in Denmark by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Tyr, Amaranthe etc).

The songs on this record focus on altogether darker themes, and although will certainly be as heavy as fans of Cypher16 have come to expect, will be of a different, less 'gain-heavy' sound this time around. Jack comments 'We are having a lot of fun so far trying to make a record that is heavy, but which steps away from the traditional 'metal' sound that we feel has caused the genre to stagnate in recent years. We're turning down the gain, but turning up the attitude, and we'll be interested in what the reaction is when it is released!'

The first single will be released at the end of the Summer, 2018. Lyric sheets, signed drum skins, strings and picks used during the recording sessions will be available for purchase from the 'merch' section of this website. All proceeds go towards production costs.

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