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New Music: It's A Long Way Back (From This Road)

New Music is here! 🔊 Introducing the title track from our forthcoming album, and 3rd single of 2020 ➤ "It's A Long Way Back (From This Road)"

It's A Long Way Back (From This Road) is about realising that the choices we make in life have actual consequences, often profound and far reaching, and which can completely change the lives of others as well as our own. It also explores the idea of whether, once you're so far into something, it is even possible to ever get back from it. Do we even want to fully expel the negative and destructive things in our lives? Are some of us addicted to the chaos it causes?

During the current uncertain climate, the song has also taken on an unexpected relevance. Where will we find ourselves when the Coronavirus is finally under control? How will the world have changed, and will there be any going back to how things were before?

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